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Custom Solutions

Custom-Built Technology to Suit Your Needs

Every business wrestles with changing technology, whether it’s finding a way to sort an ever-growing pile of internal documents or learning how to communicate with third party inventory systems. The simple truth is that all businesses incorporate technology in different ways, and no two business toolsets are alike. The databases, applications, and communication protocols native to your organization might be completely different than those of your suppliers or vendors, and it often appears that bridging these divergent technologies requires either learning an entirely new way of managing information or scrapping an existing toolset and starting from scratch. But there is a better way – DataBoost can help you increase productivity by building a customized solution that:

  • Organizes all the information coming into your business on a daily basis
  • Creates seamless connections with third party software
  • Provides at-a-glance updates on your most important business metrics
  • Minimizes training time for new employees
  • Offers a single user interface usable by all your employees

Best of all, creating a customized solution for your business is more cost effective than you might think. The return on investment your organization will enjoy from crafting a customized solution will be measured not only in increased productivity, but in the decreased costs of training new employees, a reduction in mismanaged accounts, and decreased turnaround time from purchase to fulfillment. Our engineers are standing by to show you how DataBoost can help you create a customized solution that will increase your bottom line – contact us now and find out how.