I led a team of developers over a project which completely digitized and automated the operations of a Medical Wholesaler/Retailer company. We implemented the following functionality:

  1. Ecommerce Front End with real time inventory and pricing updates.
    1. Provided pricing based on current contractually negotiated prices.
    1. Inventory items would lock when on hand inventory reached defined thresholds thereby preventing them from being ordered (even if they were already in the customers shopping cart).
  2. Inventory Warehouse Management. This included:
    1. Bar code scanning using old phones. Every item that came in and left the warehouse was scanned and tracked.
    1. We automated the drug pedigree process so that individual items had their history tracked from the time they were manufactured all the way to who they were sold to.
    1. Each inventory part was tracked throughout the warehouse so it could be easily found when necessary.
    1. We met and exceeded the currently FDA requirements for handling pharmaceuticals.
  3. Automated Purchase Order creation.
    1. Monitor inventory levels and alert when items are nearing reorder status.
    1. Purchase Orders can be automatically created and in a draft state until ready to send to suppliers.
    1. Tracking inventory trends.
    1. Track damages and vendor credit balances.
  4. Return Merchandise Authorization.
    1. Customers can request RMAs, provide photographs and other documentation.
    1. RMAs go through approval process with reviews by employees and manager.
    1. System for Tracking credit balances and returned merchandise.
  5. Credit card processing system charging customer cards on a single or recurring basis.
  6. Shipping Management