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What People Like You Say About DataBoost

Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Past Projects


Sean Jenkins, Director of Software Development, RainFocus: “Jason [at DataBoost] is a great, hard-working developer who truly loves what he does. He is constantly working on learning new technologies both at work and on his own personal time. It doesn’t matter if he was working on a small bug or designing a large feature, he gives each task his all and produces great work.

He designed a ReactJS application to replace one of our larger legacy Ruby apps, learned GraphQL, and published an iOS application to the App Store. He did all of this along with still maintaining and improving one of the most important features of our site

Scott Madsen, CEO, Cingo Solutions: “I had the pleasure of having Jason Shultz work [with us] at Cingo Solutions for a little over a year. During that time, he showed dedication, teamwork, and leadership. Jason is a very hard worker, a knowledgeable coder and very personable. He is skilled at communication and putting people at ease.

Cory Reid, CEO, Advisor, and Angel Investor: “Jason [at DataBoost] has a monster work ethic and is a culture contributor… always very positive, and while he’s fantastic for big projects, he’s not “too good” for small ones… I’m a fan, for sure.”