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ERP and SAP B1 Services

Fully integrated, customizable software developed to fit the way you work.

Improve profitability with enterprise-wide control of real time inventory data.

Seamless tracking of inventorybrown and blue wooden cabinet

We help you to easily and accurately tracks product from field to warehouse to purchase.

Pinpoint the location of product where ever it is hiding.

Easily locate a product in any warehouse or storage facility. We provide you with the means to monitor and manage product in multiple trucks, docks, coolers and warehouses all in real time, giving you enterprise-wide visibility to one of the most important areas of your operation.

Easily trace a product to the single case

Tracing product down to a pallet, and even to a single case, makes it possible to monitor the quality, condition, and source of the products under your control. DataBoost exceeds regulatory compliance data collection standards and maintains all food safety regulatory information for received product so you are always prepared with answers before any questions are asked.

Famous also simplifies meeting regulatory compliance by giving you the ability to generate detailed traceability reports and complete food safety audits.

The quickest, most efficient sales order management platform in the business.

bundle of strawberriesWe Help You Build Better Customer Relationships

  • Rapid access to your customers buying habits helping them make better product choices for the prices you’ve negotiated.
  • Error free contracts with customers ensuring the right product and pricing.
  • Easily manage Add On pricing and quantities.
  • Fast and reliable real time communication with shipping staff to ensure the right product is going to your customer.

Benefit from spending less time on data entry and more time managing customer relationships

  • Speed up ordering with Order Templates to manage consistent buying habits.
  • Auto populate pricing for different timeframes by customer and destination.

Easily collect and organize the myriad of real time details associated with a customer's order.

leaves leanings towards leftVendor Solutions

Experience the joy of efficiently managing and evaluating vendor contracts and performance.

  • Quickly access vendor data including purchase order history, total spend history, and active contracts
  • Efficiently track, measure and analyze supplier performance and risk

Grower Solutions

Maintain accuracy and flexibility in complex source-to-settle transactions.

  • Get real-time visibility into comprehensive supplier data
  • Execute instantaneous data calculations as transaction conditions change
  • Easily view and analyze your procurement history with each grower