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IT Business Networking

We install, build and manage networks that increase user satisfaction, reduces support tickets and enables employees to do their best work.

Your business needs a strong, stable network.

It’s a proven fact that poorly designed, and badly implemented networks are directly responsible for almost 45% of issues companies face. Onsite designs and implements strong, stable networks, using CAT6 cabling and managed Gigabit switches. Your employees need to access company resources securely and with speed, without frustration.

Remote Network Monitoring

Businesses rely on networks for all operations. Hence, network monitoring is very crucial for any business. Today, networks span globally, having multiple links established between geographically separated data centers, public and private clouds. This creates multifold challenges in network management.

Wi-Fi as good as a network cable, for business and not just social media.

Strong, secure Wi-Fi is absolutely vital for any business. As your business grows, so will your needs for Internet and Wi-Fi capable of supporting the fast-paced nature of working in the digital era. Enterprise Wi-Fi can handle many connections from a range of different devices while maintaining good quality network speed and access to company resources. Choose Aruba, FortiAP or Unifi for your WiFi requirements.

Quality network swtiches increase speed, reliability and security of any network

Switches are not just there to connect network cables to, choosing the right switch is the difference between a fast, safe and reliable network. Today, switches manage the traffic that flows in and out of your network, the speed your users access company resources and can even provide power to CCTV and VOIP telephones. Our Sales Team can assist you in choosing the right switch for your network.

Enjoy fast, reliable and cost-effective Internet Connectivity

Today, internet connectivity is a hard requirement. It allows your employees to access the world, and the world to access your business. Its important to have fast reliable internet access. There is a difference between home based internet and dedicated business internet and it all comes down to speed, up time and reliability. Onsite can help get your business connected.